The Shandon Historic Quarter

A short walk from the city centre, Shandon is a unique area, rich with historical and cultural attractions and a thriving community.

Welcome to the
Shandon Historic Quarter

Welcome to the Shandon Historic Quarter. The name Shandon stems from the Gaelic "Sean Dún", meaning “Old Fort”. The area has many attractions; the church of Saint Anne’s Shandon, with its famous tower and bells, the North Cathedral Visitor Centre, the Butter Museum, the Dominican church of St Mary and the Firkin Crane. Climb the tower of Shandon and play the bells. The Butter Museum is well worth a visit, giving the history of the Cork’s unique Butter Market and Ireland’s global butter trade. The Firkin Crane is a dance studio where performances are held throughout the year. The Audio Tour will inform you of the many points of interest.

Walking Shandon Audio Tour:

This, self-guided, Audio Tour of the Shandon Historic Quarter takes approximately fifty minutes. Through it you will learn about the history and the life of the area and see where the many historical characters, born and reared in the area, lived. The Tour is comprised of twenty three audio tracks, with associated waypoints. Each track is specific to each waypoint. Your starting point is at the Cornmarket Street side of the Shandon Footbridge. Click the track Intro to commence the tour and follow the instructions. Enjoy the Tour!

Intro About Shandon

Track 00

St.Marys/Civic Trust Hse

Track 01

North Infirmary

Track 02

John Redmond Street

Track 03

Mother Jones

Track 04

Annie Moore

Track 05

The Loft

Track 06

The Butter Exchange Band

Track 07

Firkin Crane

Track 08

The Butter Market

Track 09

The Bells of Shandon

Track 10

Bob & Jones Walk

Track 11

North Cemetery

Track 12

Skiddy‘s Almshouse

Track 13

Roman Street

Track 14

The North Cathedral

Track 15

Nano Nagle‘s House

Track 16

Nolan‘s Butcher Shop

Track 17

Church Street - Cattlemarket Street

Track 18

Dominick Street

Track 19

Old Friary Place - Festivals

Track 20

Opposite Blarney Street

Track 21


Track 22

Shandon Steeple:

The iconic church of St Anne‘s, Shandon, is an Anglican church, located in the Shandon Historic Quarter of Cork City. Built in 1722, the church is situated on a hill overlooking the River Lee. The church tower is a noted landmark and symbol of the city, while the church bells were popularized in a 19th century song, The Bells of Shandon (Listen). Visitors are presented with the opportunity to play the Bells and to enjoy majestic 360-degree views of the city from its 120 ft. high parapet.

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